General Portfolio

Carrboro Beat Reporting

In MEJO 253, I report on my beat, the Town of Carrboro Government with weekly stories regarding news, policies, elections, and investments through interviewing at least three sources a week. View my portfolio of stories and query letters here!

Article: A Slam Dunk for Sports Betting

As a writer for Carolina Political Review, I was able to report on this interesting topic analyzing the potential of legalized sports betting and casinos in NC. You can read this article here!

Interview with Bruce Gilliam

For my MEJO 121 class at UNC, I interviewed Henderson County Parks and Recreation Director Bruce Gilliam about his job and the many activities currently happening there. From new playgrounds to walking trails hear all about this awesome department!

Article: Jimmy Carter’s Legacy

As a writer for Carolina Political Review, I was tasked with writing about the formidable legacy of the oldest living president, Jimmy Carter. Carter entered hospice care in March at the age of 98. Read my story here!

My Work as the 2020 NC Apple Ambassador

I was named the NC Apple Ambassador in 2020 to represent the Apple Festival and NC Grower’s Association. I loved representing my home and an industry that does so much for it. Watch this interview I did to promote the event during COVID-19!

League of Women Voters

I volunteered with the League of Women Voters in my hometown of Hendersonville, NC for 2 years. I was a social media manager and ran student relations with the organization. Pictured above is a graphic I created! I also moderated a debate between Brian Caskey and Chuck Edwards who were running for the NC Senate.

Article: Carrboro’s Comp Plan

As a writer for Carolina Political Review, I was able to take some of the work from my Public Affairs Reporting course and turn it into an analytical story that looks at how this policy will affect affordable housing, climate change, and racial equity in the town. Read my story here!

Interview with Terry Gilliland

For my MEJO 121 class, I interviewed, edited, and produced this video with Terry Gilliland a Master BMW Technician and business owner. Terry had tons of stories, experiences, and advice to share with me and you should tune in here!

Article: Medicaid Expansion Passes NC

As a writer for Carolina Political Review, I had the opportunity to write about the General Assembly coming together after a decade-long debate and passing Medicaid expansion which will provide coverage to over 600,000 North Carolinians! Follow the link to read my story.

The True Madness of March Madness

In the spring of my senior year of high school, the 2021 NCAA basketball tournament was in full swing. The controversial disparities between the men’s and women’s tournaments in the funding, “swag bags”, weight rooms, and food provided were brought to light via social media by various players and coaches. This was a controversy that as a female basketball player, enraged me. Therefore, I created a new paper about it. Click here to view it!

Upcycling Fashion Show

I spearheaded an Upcycling fashion show in 2020 to teach my peers about recycling old clothes to create new, fun, affordable fashion! Click here for the presentation with pictures!

I hope you learned a little bit about me and my passions!